Wire 2014 und Tube 2014 in Düsseldorf: Strong Together for Future Markets!

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The upward trend continues: The more than 2,500 international exhibitors from the wire, cable and tube industries can look back on five successful trade fair days. Inspired by the upswing of the steel market, the exhibiting companies presented their product innovations at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre during the two leading trade fairs, wire 2014 and Tube 2014. 

“The trade fairs took place at exactly the right time. Now several companies are planning on investing in order to position themselves for continued competition,” explained Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director accountable for the fairs at Messe Düsseldorf. “Once again, wire and Tube recorded exhibitor growth as well as a significant increase in booked exhibition space,” he continued with satisfaction. 
Networked worldwide and globally active, the exhibitors presented themselves to the 72,000 trade visitors that travelled to the exhibition halls on the Rhine from 104 different countries. They came to learn about the latest machines, equipment and products for the wire, cable and tube processing industries at the no. 1 international trade fairs, wire – International Wire and Cable Trade Fair and Tube – International Tube Trade Fair. 

“As world market leader in the steel tube industry with two plants in Düsseldorf, we believe it was the right decision to participate at Tube 2014 – for the second time in a row now after a long break,” summarizes Norbert Keusen, CEO of Vallourec Deutschland GmbH, quite satisfied after five trade fair days. 

“Our customers were especially interested in the offshore foundation system PREON marine, with which wind turbines can be anchored in the ocean significantly more quickly, cost-effectively and environmentally-friendly than with the methods commonly used today,” Keusen continued. 

International contacts, lots of conversations, healthy buying interest and actual closes, as well as the anticipation of interesting post-event business, characterised the mood at wire and Tube. 

The steel and NE metal industry has long been considered to be a reliable early indicator for all other industries. The entire economy benefits when this market is strong. 

wire 2014 
This year WAFIOS presented no less than 30 innovations at its two trade fair stands in halls 5 and 10. “That includes 15 new machines alone,” Dr. Cristoph Müller-Mederer, Senior Executive President, Sales and Marketing for WAFIOS AG Reutlingen stated with pride. 
“Leading the way are the new-generation FMU 15 and 26, that represent more power and ease of operation, and – at the same time – an improved price-performance ratio,” the wire expert continues. The company from Reutlingen is extremely satisfied with the high percentage of trade visitors from all parts of the world. 
More than 1,300 companies from 54 countries journeyed to Düsseldorf for wire 2014. They occupied approximately 58,500 square metres of space – a 2% increase compared with the square metre figures from 2012. 

The offerings in exhibition halls 9 to 12 and 15 to 17 ranged from machines and equipment for wire production and processing to tools and auxiliary materials for process engineering to materials and specialty wires. 

Innovations from the areas of cable, measurement and control technology, as well as test engineering, were presented. Special fields such as logistics, conveying systems and packaging rounded off the offerings. The mesh welding machinery domain was presented combined under one roof for the first time – roughly 20 companies showed their products in hall 16. The range of products was very well received by the visitors. 

Current forming technologies were presented in hall 15, while the latest spring-making methods were featured in parts of hall 16. 

All applications involving wire, cable and fibreglass machines, wire and cable production, as well as trade, were located in halls 9 to 12, 16 and 17. 

Manufacturers of tools for process engineering, and companies that manufacture machines for wire production and processing, were also extremely pleased with the course of wire. Material producers and companies that supply specialty wire and cable also consider wire to have been a success. The exhibitors particularly appreciated the professional competence of the visitors and the high level of conversations at the stands. Almost all of the companies surveyed expect good post-event business. 

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