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  • Wire 2018

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    Wire 2018

    16-20 Abril Düsseldorf

    Think global. Act global.


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  • ITMA 2015

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    Cordially welcomes you with current news from the wire and cable branch!

    It is simply a stable, solid, thick steel rope, which can be balanced on – if you look at things from the perspective of a head louse. However, from our perspective, wafer-thin wires, about as wide as a human hair, do play an important role in the league of aerospace. Miniature electrical conductors with an individual wire diameter of Ø ≤0.05 mm are used as signal conductors and for data transfer. One expert familiar with this area is Leoni – the company is in the spotlight on In the Topic of the Month November.

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  • Man-made Fibers Congress

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  • High-performance materials for more than 80 years

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    High-performance materials for more than 80 years
    VDM Metals: Specialist for high-performance corrosion- and heat-resistant materials

    With one of the most extensive ranges of corrosion- and heat-/high temperature-resistant nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium alloys and high-alloyed special steels, VDM Metals is among the world’s leading material suppliers of all types of pre-products.

    Sheets, strips, wire and rods from VDM as primary materials for the manufacture of seamless tubes and filler metals are the current standard for quality and reliability in many fields of the industry.

    Many applications in the chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as in refineries and geothermal power stations, place extremely high demands on the materials used. Here, where classic stainless steels often miss the mark, nickel, titanium or zirconium alloys are suitable alternatives in many cases where compromising in regard to the qualitative demands is simply not an option.

    The choice of the most suitable material is dependent upon the operative demands in terms of corrosion-resistance, and the physical and mechanical conditions.

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  • Wire 2014 und Tube 2014 in Düsseldorf: Strong Together for Future Markets!

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    The upward trend continues: The more than 2,500 international exhibitors from the wire, cable and tube industries can look back on five successful trade fair days. Inspired by the upswing of the steel market, the exhibiting companies presented their product innovations at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre during the two leading trade fairs, wire 2014 and Tube 2014. 

    “The trade fairs took place at exactly the right time. Now several companies are planning on investing in order to position themselves for continued competition,” explained Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director accountable for the fairs at Messe Düsseldorf. “Once again, wire and Tube recorded exhibitor growth as well as a significant increase in booked exhibition space,” he continued with satisfaction. 
    Networked worldwide and globally active, the exhibitors presented themselves to the 72,000 trade visitors that travelled to the exhibition halls on the Rhine from 104 different countries. They came to learn about the latest machines, equipment and products for the wire, cable and tube processing industries at the no. 1 international trade fairs, wire – International Wire and Cable Trade Fair and Tube – International Tube Trade Fair. 

    “As world market leader in the steel tube industry with two plants in Düsseldorf, we believe it was the right decision to participate at Tube 2014 – for the second time in a row now after a long break,” summarizes Norbert Keusen, CEO of Vallourec Deutschland GmbH, quite satisfied after five trade fair days. 

    “Our customers were especially interested in the offshore foundation system PREON marine, with which wind turbines can be anchored in the ocean significantly more quickly, cost-effectively and environmentally-friendly than with the methods commonly used today,” Keusen continued. 

    International contacts, lots of conversations, healthy buying interest and actual closes, as well as the anticipation of interesting post-event business, characterised the mood at wire and Tube. 

    The steel and NE metal industry has long been considered to be a reliable early indicator for all other industries. The entire economy benefits when this market is strong. 

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  • Low emission cold-box binder systems of the next generation

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    With the new HE (High Efficiency) technology, especially developed for the cold box core binder segment, ASK Chemicals is setting new standards in this sector. 

    The research team at ASK Chemicals has developed a completely new organic HE (High-Efficiency) binder system. This new generation of low-emission cold box binders features high reactivity and productivity, with a 25 percent reduction in the use of binding agents and catalysts. In addition, the use of mineral additives can reduce the development of disagreeable odors. The low admixture quantities required for the HE binder system mean significantly lower emissions and lower costs. 

    ECOCURE® High Efficiency prevents condensate adhesion and reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning. The use of the new HE system can considerably increase the availability of tools and molds. Another win for profitability and productivity. Even thin core geometries, such as those required in cylinder heads or engine blocks, which are exposed to heavy thermal loads, can be manufactured using reliable processes and in an environmentally friendly manner. 

    No sooner was the new system introduced than it proved its worth. A brake disc manufacturer was able to significantly reduce its consumption of material by employing ECOCURE® HE and it has likewise been possible to prevent veining in the production of turbochargers with ECOCURE® HE. In addition, the quality of the surface finish has been improved and reworking costs cut. The quantity of binder use in the production of an engine block has been reduced by more than 20 percent and the cycle times cut by around 15 percent. These are impressive examples that highlight the efficiency of the new HE system. 

    With ECOCURE® High Efficiency, ASK Chemicals is setting new standards in the area of high efficiency cold box core binders. 
    Customers of ASK Chemicals can keep ahead of the constantly increasing environmental standards, without having to accept compromises in product quality, thus securing key environmental and economic advantages. 

    “Pollution control and economic efficiency are two pillars of our strategy,” says CEO Stefan Sommer regarding the portfolio of ASK Chemicals, Hilden. “Under this premise we develop sustainable solutions for the foundry industry, and with all our products and services focus on what is known as Clean Tech. The use of our products and procedures increases efficiency, enhances output and productivity while also reducing emissions and protecting resources,” continues Sommer. 

    With its low emission foundry additives, the company makes a decisive contribution to meeting the future environmental and economic requirements of the foundry industry. 

    Source: ASK Chemicals GmbH

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