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  • High-performance materials for more than 80 years

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    High-performance materials for more than 80 years
    VDM Metals: Specialist for high-performance corrosion- and heat-resistant materials

    With one of the most extensive ranges of corrosion- and heat-/high temperature-resistant nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium alloys and high-alloyed special steels, VDM Metals is among the world’s leading material suppliers of all types of pre-products.

    Sheets, strips, wire and rods from VDM as primary materials for the manufacture of seamless tubes and filler metals are the current standard for quality and reliability in many fields of the industry.

    Many applications in the chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as in refineries and geothermal power stations, place extremely high demands on the materials used. Here, where classic stainless steels often miss the mark, nickel, titanium or zirconium alloys are suitable alternatives in many cases where compromising in regard to the qualitative demands is simply not an option.

    The choice of the most suitable material is dependent upon the operative demands in terms of corrosion-resistance, and the physical and mechanical conditions.

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